Zsófia Kókai (b. 1991) is a curator and a member of the MŰTŐ artist-run platform and art collective. She is engaged in developing artist-run and non-profit projects. In her curatorial work she focuses on her generation, usually with the active involvement of the artists, and also on the growing precarity and on the perception and interpretation of social and personal dilemmas. She currently works at Central European Research Institute for Art History and she was the coordinator and co-curator of the Visegrad Fund project Alterum – Artist-run network in the CEE region.  Beside art-related activities, she is also involved in music-related projects such as the MMN electronic music blog and the Lahmacun community radio.

She curated the Acidic Taste exhibition in Los Angeles, a collaboration of Durden and Ray and MŰTŐ. The 12 artists of the show reflected on issues of stress, frustration and anxiety from multiple sources. 

In 2020 she was the curator of the group show A Whale of a Bad Time in the ISBN BOOKS+GALLERY in Budapest. The topic of the exhibition evolves around the period of the late 80s and 90s and the perception and memory of this era through artistic practices.

Zsófia Kókai



Curated exhibitions x MŰTŐ:


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