An event with parallel exhibitions across the region.


U10 (SR) – MISLEADING PROJECTILES on the generative nobody and brooding nothing


Artists: Pavle Banović (SR), Máté Janky (HU), Inka Karčáková (SK), Alex Selmeci & Tomáš Kocka Jusko (SK), Max Vajt (CZ), Ádám Varga (HU), Vanja Žunić (SR)

Curator: Darko Vukic (SR)

Misleading projectiles, or generative nobody and brooding nothing: attempts to point out to the procedural conceptualization within the battlefields in the interspaces of the local/global and (post-pandemic) ‘ballistic’ world of art, focusing on the aftermaths of isolation and regional ‘bloc’ divisions, of our ever-fathoming Eastern European contextual grids.

U10 Collective’s work through U10 Art Space has been one of the most prominent endeavors to promote and nurture young and emerging artists in Serbia in the past 7 years.

Being an artist-run, non-profit organization, it is U10’s goal to create a wider regional network with similar spaces and collectives in order to further contribute to the development of contemporary art in the region.




Artists: CRYING ORCHESTRA / Dominik Styk (CZ) / Michaela Švédová (CZ) / Marie Vařeková (CZ), Nina Galić (SR), Jakub Choma (SK), Kata M. Kállai (HU)

Curator: Lili Agg (HU), Zsófia Kókai (HU)

In Budapest, at MŰTŐ’s Mind the Gap exhibition artists represent four different perspectives on the topic of transition. The concept refers to the ubiquity of transition periods (insecurities), and the reality of the post-human utopias and dystopias which are present as in everyday situations, or in social, geopolitical, or economical levels.




Artists: Nikolett Balázs (HU), Tomas Bryscejn (CZ), Kanrec Sakul (SK), Tamara Spalajković (SR)

Curator: Nico Bernáth (SK)

VUNU is based in Kosice, Slovakia. It is a cultural organization devoted to young contemporary art. In 2018, it follows the VUNU Gallery project established in 2016 and collaborates with numerous local and foreign partners.

They have collaborations with schools and they also have experiences in organizing bigger events where VUNU invites contemporary musicians and digital visual creators to merge their practices.




Artists: Lukáš Čerňák (SK), Alexandra Saša Jeremic (SR), Takács Ádám (HU), Mézes Tünde (HU)

Curators: František Fekete(CZ), Lexa Peroutka(CZ) and Tereza Záchová(CZ) / Architect of the travelling gallery: Viktor Kákoš (CZ) / INTERVENTING/EXHIBITING ARTISTS

35m2 is founded in 2006 and it is one of the first artist-run spaces in the Žižkov art district in Prague.

The gallery has been focused mostly on the local scene, nevertheless, they had a few international artist solo shows and they would like to cooperate more with the international art scene and make connections.

The core of the 35M2 project ‘Travelling Gallery’ is to build a model of a gallery as a playground for site-specific interventions for artists from Prague, Košice, Budapest, and Belgrade.

This little gallery travels throughout cities and artists by postal service and turns back to the sender. The idea reflects on the times of the pandemic when the permeability of national borders becomes uncertain.




Artist-run network in the CEE region

Our project focuses on non-profit, artist-run galleries as increasingly important platforms in the context of contemporary Central and Eastern Europe. Independent initiatives have a recreational role in the cultural institutional system as they are built on flexible structures and work together with young, emerging artists and curators. The Alterum project is based on the long-term, reciprocal dialogue of four artist-run spaces from Prague, Košice, Budapest and Belgrade.

The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.



Coordinator of the project: Zsófia Kókai, curator
E-mail: groupmuto-at-gmail-dot-com




Graphic design: Flóra Pálhegyi
Web design: Gáspár Baksa