14.02.2020- 28.02.2020

photo credit: Fanni Papp

‘White Heaven’ is an explanatory, educational group of works. It is a subjective definition with limited validity, or rather speculation. The video illustrates a text of a topic-specific interview.
And what the video talks about is a collection of definitions: a definition of a perfect world, an ideal society – a collection by a white European man, or even, speculations by a white European woman based on the image of a realized paradise. And the views expressed during the interview seem almost perfectly valid even when put into the mouth of different characters in an online reading software.

opening: Fausto Mercier (live)


Since 2013, the Nimova Projeckt, with Veronika Romhány behind, has been dealing with various forms of video-based narrative storytelling, including the unreliable narrative method, mostly within the framework of a collaboration.