Please, Mind the Gap! presents different ideas of transition through the works of artists representing the four countries participating in the ALTERUM project.

Photo credit: Gergely Ofner

Transitions between stages are usually conceptualized as temporary experiences, more often than not, we are able to recognize the changes only after they’ve occurred. But now, the gaps in continuity are becoming more prominent and prolonged, so we detect these transitional periods at their final stage, as Fukuyama describes. The global crises, such as climate change or the pandemic, the unstoppable development of technical tools and digital platforms, force us to adapt to these unfamiliar situations without pause. It seems that we are continually stuck in a pattern of transition, which inspires feelings of helplessness. The uncertainty of the future generates frustration, which can’t be healed using the well-known tools and traditions of the past. Leaving our comfort zone used to be a necessary, sometimes difficult aspect of change. At our present, it’s a basic condition.


Curators: Lili Agg, Zsófia Kókai

Exhibiting artists: Jakub Choma, Nina Galić, Kata M. Kállai, Dominik Styk, Michaela Švédová,  Marie Vařeková