Veronika Romhany (1987) is working under the name Nimova Projeckt, as a pseudo-formation with 3D based lo-fi videos and installations, since 2015.  Romhány is currently living in Brussels, Belgium.

A seemingly small or ridiculous, yet, personally important decision she made in 2013, when she created a Russian persona called Vera Nimova, determined and now frames her core artistic attitude. This gesture meant a self-ironic, yet moralizing response to the rising socio-political and cultural confusion, divison and pressure she experienced at that time in Hungary. While in 2013 the attitude labelled “russophile politics” – with its accompanying authoritarian moral and retro aesthetics – were still stigmatized and defined as regressive, even anti-national, now, in 2019 we face a long-term ongoing political turn. The Nimova Projeckt tries to understand and record – in its own subjective way- the impression and effect of these constantly changing circumstances on the individual in general and examine its behavioural patterns as surviving techniques. 

Each project, while examines the technique of unnatural narrative storytelling, fluctuates around picturing the self – with focus on gaps and mistakes: lies. Where the story fails, there the characteristics of a personality shows up.  Using deconstructive analyse, followed by speculative reconstruction she creates manipulative, first person narration, based on these symptoms of unrelieability, and places it into post-real or laboratory conditions.