22.03.2019 – 05.04.2019

photo: Ferenc Eln


Appropriation of Attention

Curator: Bence Barta

The concept of this installation is based on how we see, get information, read in our present which is overwhelmed by images. The start point was a medieval painting, which isn’t understandable at first sight because its hidden narratives and meanings, on the other hand, it shows a different way of perception which is maybe closer to our present than a painting from 19th century. We’re in the middle of a paradigm change as our way of seeing images is not working as we interpreted these information in the 20th century. If we do not realize this problem, our attention will be stolen, used and manipulated. The installation’s aim to create a pseudo space with mixed coordinates, where the viewer’s regard is guided by an external authority, his or her decisions are just choices in a limited scale. Our frustration can be dissolved if we’re able to find our attention among the different layers.