17.01.2020 – 31.01.2020

Opening:  17.01.2020, 19:00

photo credit: Fanni Papp

COPS 0.2 is a sequel of Philipp Kolychev (1991) recent exhibition COPS shown in gallery City Surfer Office Prague and the first show from MŰTŐ 2020 Open Call selection.

The immersive effect of Kolychev current installation is enhanced by blue and red lightplay filling the space. The work contains several textile prints and two channel video installation which is accompanied by audio narration. Videos that are consist of edited and layered found footage from different law enforcement forums and social net- works. Kolychev decontextualize and reconstruct already existing content. Humor and irony are two anchor elements of his work.

The installation depicts deliberation about relationship between police force and regular citizens. The word ‘cop’ refers to his interpretation of the aesthetics associated with police misconduct, which is historically inscribed in images, videos and artefacts. By reperforming these narratives, Philipp Kolychev constructs new possibilities for making them visible.

The state control of discipline and power of punishment are universal subjects which requires the confrontation on international platform. Kolychev gives us opportunity to discuss these issues.