Teplán’s work has been inspired by perceivable reality and the state of inconsistency, indicating contemplation from diverse perspectives. A collection of visual traces appear on the canvases to make an invisible state of mind to be seen, where the fragments of natural elements refer to distraction. The image-based works remain to symbolize (post-)painterly strategies by combining abstraction and minimalism with the use of advanced techniques creating an array of intensities. The manual imprints and the underlying expressiveness refer to the history of painting, and appear as contradictory signs on the canvas giving an impression of conceptual indications.
Nora Teplan

With the use of different mediums, paintings, objects and texts, re-cognition and disintegration, reconstruction and obedience are in the focus of the works. The stations of transitions created by these experiences and the artworks realized by them are pieces of a flowchart, that are meant to condition the identity.