My eyelids are thinned by the heat so I can see this haze


you must regulate your life”


i wonder where have all the wetlands gone…

it all became a desert of sorts, the enchanting ones where you’re covered in endless hot breeze and there’s no place to hide

what’s the use of sitting still when i can only hear my breathing, where are all my senses?



an exhibition by áGNES vÁRNAI┼rÁHEL aNNA mOLNáR┼mÁTé eLőD jANKY

0pening→ 02.X.2020 19h00

0n view→ 03.X—14.X 2020

Photo: Gergely Ofner

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday, from 5:30 – 8 pm.
Due to the pandemic situation, we would like to ask you to wear a mask. Take care!