13.12.2019 – 27.12.2019

Noose. A snake, biting its own tail.
A feasible infinite?
Is it a total closure? Or both?

photo credit: Bernadett Fejér

The term of looping originally comes from music. It describes the act of gluing the two ends of a section of a tape into a literal loop, when the given sound sequence is played repeatedly without stopping. This term, along with the technology, was constantly changing, but the method remained the same – and with digital editing it became even more simple. This characteristic mechanism of operation appeared, lately, in mostly all fields of visual communication and became one of the core method of video editing as well. Furthermore, the GIF culture on the internet basically operates with these visual loops. It’s simple and, yet, it plays with the illusion of change; sometimes in a soothing, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes in a dizzying form.


Can these characteristics like duality, self-contained variability appear in other, more static, fine art media too? Is it possible to relate this loop phenomen somehow to other, different closed circuit systems? Can we define it as a reflection, an illusion of act – and can we relate it to a contradictional feeling that our life is constantly happening, but, perhaps without going anywhere? Do we regularly find ourselves to arrive to the same points? And finally, how precise is it to consider this looped anxiety as a key feeling of this generation?


Exhibiting artists: Lili Agg, Nikolett Balázs, Bence Barta, Ron Fischer, Kata M. Kállai, Flóra Pálhegyi, Veronika Romhány, Nóra Teplán