Bence Barta (b. 1990) is a Budapest based visual and sound artist. He holds a Master degree (2015) in Painting from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. He is a co-founder and active member of MŰTŐ collective from 2016.

In his artistic practice he focuses on different aspects and impacts of aggression, both individual and social, physical and indirect. A series of his current artworks, titled REWORK, is based on his own earlier wooden board paintings, recycling them into new objects with an axe. This process begins with a destruction, the boards ripped apart, then the fragments composed into new constellations. The REWORK is a result of mutation. Transient phases frozen into objects. Deconstructed entities. The stark colored fragmented pieces, shredded edges represent wounds, they are also victims of brutality and also becoming aggressors by their intimidating presence. The origin of REWORK is from inner frustration, suspense and dissatisfaction. A reaction to contradictions between a serial production of artworks and an idealized image of creation.

Bence Barta

He also transforms his deconstructed artistic ideas into sound structures ranging from field record-based experimental compositions to rhythmic noise. His main musical project noahstas released several albums and plays live performances since 2014. In his sound installations, by tape loops or contact mics, the sounds of physical presence are mutating, distorting, disappearing and reappearing in a transformed form, creating a temporal and sonic swirl.