21.02.2019 – 04.03.2019

photo credit: Máté Lakos

The limited possibilities of reality provide an alternative platform to explore uncertainty that focuses on liminal spaces and conditions. These transitional spaces could be either porches that join interior and exterior spaces together, or dreams that seem so real in the moment only to become elusive fragments, difficult to piece back together in the morning.

The artists in Dreams Upon Waking explore the theme of memory and the abstraction of human consciousness and state of being, as they reconstruct the often fragmented pieces of these fading visions. The juxtaposition of these artists opens the door to an interesting discussion on our quixotic efforts to grasp the intangible. The show is a collaboration between Los Angeles-based Durden and Ray and Budapest’s MŰTŐ.


Curator: Steven WOLKOFF

Exhibiting artists: BARTA Bence, BALÁZS Nikolett, Dani DODGE, Jenny HAGER, David LEAPMAN, NIMOVA Projeckt, Sean NOYCE, Ty POWNALL, Max PRESNEILL, Curtis STAGE, TEPLÁN Nóra, Steven WOLKOFF, Alison WOODS

Opening: elod janky


Sound: Mmmnmnm

Founded in 2009, Durden and Ray is comprised of 24 artist/curators who work together to create exhibition opportunities at their downtown Los Angeles gallery as well as in concert with artist groups and gallery spaces around the world. Durden and Ray concentrates on small, tightly curated group shows at the gallery, organized by the members, and hosts international artists as part of a commitment to global exchange and alternative networks. Durden and Ray is committed both to individual praxis and to shared aims of curatorial experimentation, visual research, and artistic exchange with international partners.