Dynamic Systems

“The perilous nature of what I am attempting, of the butterfly effect that threatens to flutter its wings with every interaction. If you think about it hard enough, if you trace potential reverberations long enough, every step can be a false step, any move can lead to an unintended consequence.”(David Levithan)

Exhibiting artists: Máté Bredán, Dávid Maruscsák, Boldizsár Mátyás
Sound: Péter Fancsikai
Special thanks: Dániel Cseh, Mátyás Csiszár, János Pap, József Tasnádi
Curators: Zsófia Kókai, Flóra Pálhegyi
Opening: 16 October, 7PM

The installations of the exhibition make an attempt to simulate and visualize the butterfly effect based on chaos theory. The coordinated construction collects and decodes the momentary positions of the visitors and then using generative processes illustrates and creates an audio-visual imprint of the given unit of time. The realities created by the works are unpredictable, random, but at the same time, they create opportunities for interaction, influence, and manipulation.

Opening performance by Levente Lukács and Zsófia Temesvári, contemporary dancers, will kick-off the installations.